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Tea is Fashionable

Tea isn’t just a hot beverage that soothes the soul and tastes delicious. Tea is fashionable. It’s fashion and sustenance all wrapped into one. Handbags, clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and books all devoted to the tradition of tea time. It’s a tea lovers dream and a style I absolutely love.

Any time I see something with a teacup or teapot my eyes zoom in immediately. It’s like I have a tea radar implanted in my head. Tea fashion is fun and eclectic. It has an edgy style that today’s hippest girl will love and a vintage feel of days gone by that women young and old can appreciate.

Some high end designers in fashion have used Tea Time as a theme for their products. Kate Spade, Yoshi and Braccialini are just to name a few. Kate Spade made such beautiful tea inspired pieces in their 2016 collection.

Kate Spade tea fashion accessories

Yoshi is another handbag company that makes designer bags with themes. Their tea and cake bags are perfect for the tea loving person. I don’t personally own one of their bags but they seem to have many different sizes to choose from and lots of cute accessories such as keychains and eyeglass cases in all different designs.

Yoshi handbags and accessories

Italian designer Braccialini created their 2015 tea time speedy bag with so much detail. Oh how I wish it still was in production. I love everything about it.

Braccialini tea time hand bag

One handbag company that I adore is Vendula of London. They have many different themed bags but I personally love their Biscuit Shop bag. It is a coffee/bakery/tea Shop. It is so cute and it actually has a sign post that sticks out from the “building” that also folds in so it won't get in the way. Look at all the details. I love the kitty cat sitting at the table and the cupcakes on a cake tier stand. The sign in front advertising their cakes and the British phone booth in back with a cat talking on the phone. It's all too cute.. I use this bag for special occasions when I don't want to carry a large purse. It’s big enough to hold my essentials. They have it in different sizes and also in pink.

Vendula London Biscuit Shop purse

I also have their discontinued tea party messenger bag. I was lucky to have found two on Amazon. I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. Here we used them on our vacation in Scotland.

Handbags are not the only stylistic items with a tea time theme. There are socks, towels, jewelry and books. The Tearoom Mysteries, a series of books by Guideposts are easy reading fun books. If you enjoy tea, you will enjoy the light reading and sweet moral values in these stories. I have the first 4 books but there are many more in the series.

Tearoom Mysteries books by Guideposts

Tea towel, tote and teapot cozy by Harrods and a tea time tote by Fortnum and Mason. I use the totes as pocketbooks because they are so roomy and I just love their design.

Handmade jewelry by local artisans and some cute socks by Hot Sox. I love the pair of socks with the kitty drinking his silly.

I found these Tea and Coffee pajamas at a local TJ Maxx store.

They are both pretty and practical. Please excuse the wrinkles, I don't iron pj'

Mackenzie Childs makes beautiful home decor. From furniture and housewares to handbags and luggage. I love their decorative tea items for the home. Here is a ceramic trivet, a teapot shaped lunch tote and their hanging Christmas ornaments which I keep out all year long.

As you can see, Tea is fashionable and creates a whimsical esthetic that is recognizable to everyone. From little girls to little old ladies, tea fashion will put a smile on your face.

Thank you for stopping by. If you know of other designers who make fabulous tea inspired fashion and decor, please leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to check them out.

Stay thirsty my friends and come back next month when I review some teas from a company called Chat Noir Apothicaire.


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