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Judith Helen
Afternoon tea

     Hello, my name is Judith Helen and I have been enjoying Tea faithfully for the past few years.  I have always loved tea since I was a little girl but didn't dive in head first until I purchased my first Vintage China Cake Tier. The pretty pink cake tier made from antique pink china plates opened my eyes to a world of beautiful tea items and accessories.  From there, I started collecting Vintage Teapots and Teacups.


       My passion for vintage china is what actually piqued my interest in Tea and Tea Time. I loved my Cake Tier so much that I wanted more of them so I learned how to drill the china plates and set out making Cake Tiers not only as a hobby but to sell to the public. That is how Helen's Royal Tea House was born.


     Although my background and education are in Nursing, I also have a degree in the Performing Arts and my interest in ancient Egypt brought me to a summer semester abroad studying Mummies, Hieroglyphics and Pyramids in Cairo. It was a fabulous time of my life and I am so grateful to have had those experiences. It made me appreciate the beauty in art and people.


     I would say I am a Tea-A-Holic. I drink tea all day, every day. It gives me so much joy not to mention there are a lot of health benefits from tea. There is nothing more glorious then sipping tea from a fine china teacup, having a Cake Tier filled with sweets and savories and a teapot steeping next to it. Let's face it, we are not all born into Royalty but we can certainly act like we are.

     Tea and Fine China Wares are a passion of mine and I am glad to share my passion with you. I hope I can take you on a Royal Journey into the World of Tea and you too will see how wonderful that hot beverage can be and all that goes with it. Tea Time is the best time of day. 

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